Valuable Ideas

Valuable Ideas

We're full of great ideas, for your business strategies.

Valuable Timing

Valuable Timing

Business automation is best tool to save your valuable timing.

Budget Friendly

Budget Friendly

Our ERP is module base integrated system for all size industries.

Professional Consulting

Professional Consulting

Provide Professional and Cost effective services to clients.

Who we are

We are group of engineers, developers and professional consultants. We have more than 15 years of industrial experience in different segment with more than 1000 customers across world. We have ERP implementation experience for Micro, Small, Medium and Large scale organization.

Proven Experience

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We are an Expert in ERP

We are an expert in implementation of ERP. We have team of Developers, Engineers and Professional Consultants for ERP Implementation. We offer AutoERP, NiallERP, Odoo ERP and ERPNext with integrated solutions for clients.

  • Understand your business and design solutions with latest technology and current market trend. 
  • Execute your requirement with most cost effective way.
  • Be available 24 X 7.
  • Assist you in project from start to end.
  • Honesty and Transparency is the key of our success. 

Services We Provide

Niall Services Pvt. Ltd. offers a full range of start to end services which includes module base ERP, integrated solutions with TallyERP, Development and Support for Business Intelligence, Functional Training on OdooERP, ERP for Manufacturing industry in India. As the leading ERP Consultants, Niall Services sets the standard with full range of business automation services.



Enterprise Resource Planning - NiallERP is module base ERP.

Integrated Solutions

Integrated Solutions

NiallERP is provide integrated solutions to clients who use TallyERP.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

We provide development and support for Business Intelligence.


Selection of Package/Modules

The first step of the ERP Implementation where the perfect ERP package/module has to be selected in agreement that fits for your business environment.

Project Planning

Proper planning of the ERP implementation process of the project shall be made and designed. Resources should be allocated and the team members have to be selected.

SWOT Analysis/GAP Analysis

It is an important step in the ERP Implementation Project. This is performed to analyze the current situation of the organization and its future position as needed by the Management.


It is needed to make the implementation process involves many changes and alterations. Job responsibilities of employees and the number of employees can be altered as well. This step is done to make the business process more efficient.


Training of employees starts with the implementation process in the ERP Implementation Project.


Testing is an important step and is carried out so that the errors can be found and resolved before the actual application process.

ERP Application

This step is performed when data conversion is done and the work of the database is over. After setup and testing is completed, the actual implementation is done.

Android / iOS / Windows Application

This Step is process once your ERP live and working properly as per clients need and expectation so we convert your ERP into Play Store application.

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